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StringNetwork: Connecting Once Invisible Tech Islands

Why So Disparate? 

The internet was supposed to be a free and open global network.

It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

It’s become a myriad of complicated and disconnected networks, with only a small subset available to public reach.

Connecting to machines, devices, resources, and people – wherever they may be – is harder than it needs to be.

In fact, most of what developers need to access exists outside of the internet.

Cybersecurity challenges only make it worse.

So how can developers like you, easily connect to those private islands, while keeping yourself – and your stakeholders – safe?

StringNetwork, that’s how.

What is StringNetwork?

The impossible made possible …

Security, identity management, and access control – in one decentralized package

  • Extremely secure, extremely simple.
  • Wide-open platform – a developer’s dream.
  • A simple way to remove the roadblocks of the internet – disparate networks.
  • Secure plug and play for networks – StringN Play
  • Access control and identity baked in.
  • Routing to an identity, not an address.

StringNetwork: A development platform like no other!